Friday, April 29, 2016

I LOVE Pullrite

We pull our 5th wheel with a Pullrite Superglide hitch.  It uses cams to move to the rear when going around corners - a necessity with a short bed truck - and it does it automatically, making it almost idiot-proof.  It is heavy - mine weighs 180 lbs. - but every part of it is American made.
After eight years and 40,000 miles or so of trouble-free service, we have had two problems this spring.  I mentioned the first back in March, a small plastic block that actually mounts on the trailer broke and they replaced it for free.
Yesterday, I was greasing the hitch and noticed that it had a serious list to starboard.  It turns out that one side had broken off of the rocker plate spring.  I called Pulliam Industries and the young lady who took my call said "Give me your address, and I'll put one in the mail."
You just can't beat that kind of service.

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