Monday, April 18, 2016

A Bit of Rain

We've had an interesting morning so far.  
Parts of Harris County had as much as 20 inches of rain overnight, and we had between 4 and 5.
Honey had an eye appointment this morning, the first one of the day, so even though we suspected that they would be closed, we made the trip.  We drove through several high water spots, never more than a few inches deep, and were diverted onto the freeway via what is usually an exit ramp.  We made it to the doctor's office, but she did not - in fact only one employee made it in.  She was able to reschedule Honey's appointment, and we headed for home.
Made it home fine, and we're high and dry, but there's more rain in the forecast through Wednesday or possibly Thursday.  It's going to cause a lot of damage.

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