Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rain part 2

Local news teams were on the air all day yesterday covering the flooding in and around Houston, and there were lots of stories to tell.
I saw folks go into flood waters to rescue people, horses, dogs and one armadillo.  
A channel 13 reporter dropped his mike in mid-report to wade out and save a man who had driven into high water.  It was interesting that the windshield wipers on the guy's minivan kept working as the vehicle submerged, and you could still see the tail lights when the vehicle was completely covered by water.
I think the picture that will come to represent the April 18 flooding will be this one:
Apartment residents in the Greenspoint area were getting out any way they could - floating their kids and belongings out on air mattresses and kiddie pools.  This guy brought his wife and kids out in their refrigerator.
Hey, it worked!

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