Sunday, April 17, 2016


I don't have anything against Wrens - we like birds, and keep bird feeders in the back yard year round - but Wrens seem to delight in making my life complicated. 
You may remember the post from 2012 about the nest in our gas grill.  Their next-favorite  place to build a nest is in the pin box of our 5th wheel.
 It provides a nice enclosed area with limited access, just the sort of space Wrens love.
As I was cleaning up our trailer last week, I noticed a pair of Wrens paying too much attention to the pin box.  When I looked, I didn't see a nest, but they kept flying in there, so the next day, I reached all the way to the front and pulled out a big glob of leaves and pine needles.
I was too late.  
The nest contained three baby birds that already had most of their adult plumage. I stuck the nest back in and am hoping the birds leave on their own before we get ready to leave on our next trip.

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