Friday, April 1, 2016

A-D-A Part Two

I had promised yesterday to tell you today how I cleaned our dishwasher - APRIL FOOLS!
Actually, the joke isn't on you, it's on me.  
After hours of cleaning and more rinses than I can count, dishes are still coming out filmy with a fine dusting of grit.  
Believe it or not, that's progress!  
The stuff on the dishes is the residual of stuff that was caked on the interior of the dishwasher when I started.  The dishwasher itself looks almost new, but over a half dozen (I actually have lost count)  rinses have failed to remove it all from the system.  
I suspect that there is still stuff being released each cycle and it will eventually return to normal, but meanwhile, we may have to rinse and hand dry everything we remove from the dishwasher.

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