Sunday, March 26, 2017


That's Corporal Desmond Doss receiving the Medal of Honor from President Truman.  
We watched Hacksaw Ridge last night, the amazing story of how Doss, an Army medic and conscientious objector, saved 75 men during the battle for Okinawa. 
I'm not sure the film qualified as entertainment, but it was remarkable, and truly moving.
In what can only be considered a truly odd coincidence, when I opened Facebook this morning I saw a post from Governor Greg Abbott. It said that one of the Navy ships whose big guns provided artillery support for the battle for Okinawa was the Battleship Texas.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

More Four

I posted this picture a year ago today, showing a patch of clover that has an unusually high number of four leaf clovers in it.  
The percentage in that little patch is just as high this spring, and I would have posted a picture, but a thunderstorm just before dawn left the patch beaten down and partially submerged.
I've tried to research the cause of this anomaly, with little success.  The closest I've come is articles that say polydactyly in humans is due to an aberration in one of 26 genes.  It appears to be random, and while it is not necessarily genetic, it does appear more frequently in people of African descent. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Dishwasher Soap

Almost a year ago - Dishwasher - I reported about locating dishwasher detergent that actually still contained phosphates. That 25 lb. bucket I bought back then has lasted for a year, and I bought my second bucket on line today.
The cost - with shipping - was about $67, which translates to  $5.60 a month or about 18 cents per load/day.  That's less than I was paying for Grocery Store Dishwasher Soap that didn't get anything clean!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Grommet Fix

The living room area of our 5th wheel has a ceiling fan.  It is nice to have, we do use it occasionally, but over the years I've come to consider it more trouble than it's worth.  
It is all a matter of clearance, or lack of it.  
The blades on the fan as it was originally installed hang about eight inches from the ceiling.  The tops of the slides, when the slides are out, are about eleven inches below ceiling level, but when the slides are closing, they ride up, sometimes enough to catch a blade. If not caught soon enough, a fan blade can and will break.
Yesterday, after tweaking the slide alignment to track as flat as possible, I decided to modify the fan.
I inserted spacers between the outside screws of the blade holders and the fan blades, effectively changing their angle, and raising the tips.  The "spacers" I used were rubber wire grommets.

A change of less than 1/4 inch at the holders resulted in a change of an inch and a half at the blade tips. Now, instead of being eight inches below the ceiling, the blade tips are less than six and a half.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

That Was Quick - II

I was working on our 5th wheel, just about to break for lunch, when  the UPS truck pulled in our driveway yesterday.  He was delivering the RTIC cooler I ordered around lunchtime on Saturday!
The cooler seems to be everything I wanted it to be.  Of course, I haven't actually tried it out yet, the real test will come on our next long trip. 
Like just about every other cooler on the market, RTIC coolers are manufactured in China.  It took some searching - I actually had to go to the HELP tab on their website to confirm this - but the two-day delivery was possible because their corporate headquarters is only about 40 miles away on Hempstead Highway in Houston.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Snake on the Grill

Yesterday, the first day of Spring, one of our local reptiles decided it was a perfect time to soak up some sun, and the ideal place to do it was atop our gas grill.  He failed to take my wife into account.
Honey called me and gave me a "request" to do away with the intruder.
When I explained that it was a Chicken Snake - aka Texas Rat Snake - she did allow me to take a picture first.  The fact that they are non-poisonous cuts little slack with her, especially since one cleaned out a Cardinal nest we had been watching from our front porch a couple years ago.
Although they are darker and browner, their mottled diamond pattern looks an awful lot like a Copperhead, but I have never seen a Chicken Snake that wasn't twice as big as the largest Copperhead I've seen.  For anyone who cares, here's a chart:

Monday, March 20, 2017


According to the weatherman, Spring officially began at five twenty something this morning.
I guess the calendar didn't get the memo.  
Judging by the trees and flowers and the pollen count here at the Boggy Thicket, Spring got here over a month ago.