Saturday, April 30, 2016

Road Rage at Olive Garden

We made a trip into Humble yesterday for "supplies" - one stop at Barnes and Noble, and another at Olive Garden for salad dressing.
The B&N stop went well, but traffic on FM1960 was horrible - it always is, but this was much worse than usual.  There was a wreck on our side that had been pulled off into a parking lot, but oncoming traffic was much worse.  We had to wait through two lights to turn left because of people on the other side blocking the intersection when the light changed.
Once in the parking lot, I was turning left into a parking spot - I had plenty of room - when an oncoming pickup truck accelerated, laid on his horn, and blew past us screaming obscenities.  I'm not sure what she had in mind, but Honey was climbing out of the truck until I convinced her that the guy had kept going.
I got out to head into Olive Garden when I saw an elderly fellow sitting in the back door of a minivan laughing uncontrollably.  "Friend of yours?" he asked.  "Did you wave back?"

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