Monday, April 11, 2016

Boston Baked Beans

For several years now, I have been taking a vitamin with Lutein on the advice of my Optometrist.  Recently, Honey was advised to take them too, but with a twist.  Her Ophthalmologist suggested a vitamin with AREDS-2, which contains lutein along with some other stuff to make it work better.
I ordered some for each of us, and the pills in the bottle caused a major flashback!  They look just like Boston Baked Beans, a candy that was a staple at the movie theater when I was a kid.
I never was a big fan of Boston Baked Beans - I was more of a Jr. Mints sort of guy - but my best elementary school pal, Val Jahnke, couldn't get through a Saturday Fun Club at the old Garden Oaks Theater without a box.

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