Thursday, March 31, 2016

Automatic Dishwasher Adventure

Like almost everyone else in the civilized world, we have an automatic dishwasher in our kitchen.  I hesitate to call it a dish washer for a couple of reasons:
  1. Since the major manufacturers of dishwasher detergent pulled phosphates from their products, it doesn't really clean anything.
  2. Nothing goes in our dishwasher that isn't already clean enough to go back on the shelf.  Don't ask me to explain that - it's just the way things work at our house.
I have been blaming reason number one on the federal government, but they share only a little of the blame.  Federally funded studies on eutrophication may have led to them, but all the laws banning phosphates from detergent are state and local legislation.

Our dishwasher had finally reached a point where it was not only not cleaning, but things actually looked worse after a cycle than when they went in.  I have been cleaning the dishwasher for two days now - a total of about six hours so far.  I have made progress, but it has been such a major project that I think I'll save the details for tomorrow.
 The one thing I will say is that, if you want to have any hope of cleaning a dishwasher, you should start with one that is already almost clean. 

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