Sunday, March 20, 2016

Can't Get There From Here

We have used Google Maps in our travels for years, and it is usually quite accurate.  We have found glitches, but nothing serious.
Yesterday, I was fooling around on the net, and pulled up directions from Brenham, Texas to our house.
 Google offered three alternative routes, including Hwy 105 through Conroe (the shortest miles/longest drive time) and US 290 to Beltway 8 (the way we normally go) but the one recommended was US 290 to Texas 99 - the new Grand Parkway that will eventually circle Houston.  Their directions read, in part:
 Merge onto US-290 E
37.3 mi

Take the exit toward TX-99
0.4 mi

Keep left at the fork and merge onto TX-99
Partial toll road
36.9 mi
Continue on Valley Ranch Pkwy. Take Eastex Freeway Service Rd and FM 1485 E to Conners Rd in Harris County
28 min (16.1 mi)

Turn right onto Valley Ranch Pkwy
0.3 mi

Sharp left to stay on Valley Ranch Pkwy
1.6 mi

Turn right onto Eastex Freeway Service Rd
2.3 mi

Slight left toward Eastex Freeway Service Rd
371 ft

Slight left onto Eastex Freeway Service Rd
1.6 mi

Use the right 2 lanes to turn slightly right to stay on Eastex Freeway Service Rd
1.3 mi

Turn right onto Antique Ln
That's fine, except that what's known as Section G - the part from Spring to New Caney - of the 184 mile long super loop is still under constructionThe interchange at US 59 is basically done - there is still some finishing work in progress - but it doesn't connect to anything.
To give Google Maps some credit, that portion of Hwy 99 was projected to be finished by the end of 2015. 

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