Thursday, March 24, 2016

Two by Four

I have mentioned several times in the past that we have a patch of clover in our backyard that produces an inordinate number of four-leaf clovers.  If I were a geneticist or a botanist, I could probably breed this plant for this tendency - maybe get rich - but that isn't going to happen.
Yesterday evening, I looked down at this plant and spotted two perfect four-leaf specimens within a foot of each other.  I decided to take a picture to post here, but it was getting dark, so I decided to take the picture this morning.  
Then, overnight, we had a frontal passage, complete with thunderstorms about 5 a.m.
This morning the clover is bedraggled - flat on the ground, with many of the leaves folded in on themselves.  The two four-leafs are still there, but a picture wouldn't show it if you didn't know what to look for.  Now that the rain is over, I'm hoping they will recover enough to get the picture this afternoon.  
If I can, I'll post it tomorrow. 

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