Tuesday, March 8, 2016

290 Blues

Rush hour commuters on US 290 headed for Houston yesterday were held up by an event that was strange, even by Houston standards.  Following a three-car accident, a naked woman climbed to the top of an eighteen-wheeler where she danced, sat and taunted police for a couple hours before she was brought down.
A ladder truck from the Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department was eventually brought in, and the dancer was coaxed off the top of the semi and into the bucket on the fire truck.

The two best quotes of the day - 
  • From Facebook - "Why is it that every time there's a naked woman dancing on the highway, it's someone I'd pay NOT to see?"
  • And from Channel 11 - The Cy-Fair fire chief telling a local reporter "We train for this sort of thing." 
Even better than the quotes, by the afternoon, the event was already a country song.

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  1. Why, why, why??? People are strange!