Friday, March 4, 2016

Can’t Give It Away

Earlier this week, we took delivery of a new living room couch.  I think we are going to like it a lot.  It’s a reddish-brown leather – not quite cordovan – and each end is an electric recliner. 

That left us with the old couch. 

The delivery people said they were not allowed to pick up old furniture, and so far, all attempts to get rid of it have failed.  Salvation Army does not pick up in our area and Purple Heart won’t take it because there is a tear in the leather at one end. 

In the past, I have sat all sorts of stuff out by the street and it was gone in 24 hours or less. 

This time, that isn’t working.  It’s been sitting there since Tuesday with no takers.  They don’t know what they’re missing – this may be the most comfortable couch ever made.  We put up with the torn leather for several years because we couldn’t find anything that sat as comfortably.

I guess I’m going to have to pick it back up and haul it to the burning pile.

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