Monday, January 2, 2017

My Mini-Marfa

About eight feet from our back door here at the Boggy Thicket, you'll find our grille.  Our current one is a combination charcoal and gas model with a burner on the side that will handle a good sized frying pan.  When it is not actually in use, we keep it covered with a canvas cover like the one above.
Since just before Christmas, that canvas cover has become a source of  intrigue, mystery and a whole lot of discussion. It has become our own miniature version of the Marfa lights.  
Once it is good and dark, if you watch for a minute or so you will see lights dancing on the end of the grille closest to the house. There are endless variations, but the lights seem to fall roughly into two categories - patterns of soft light about three by ten inches in size, and tiny but brilliant pin points of light that do little fairy dances on the canvas.
The fact that the light is projected on the canvas means that there has to be an external source - it has to be coming from somewhere.
So far, our best efforts have been unable to determine where that is.  There are lights across the road, but nothing that could be providing our little light show. 
My frustration level has reached the point where I've almost convinced myself that I should just sit back and enjoy the show - maybe sell tickets.

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