Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Aching Joints

Dachshunds are notorious for having problems with their backs, and ours are no exception.  Dusty is in the middle of an episode right now.
If Tinker has issues, it is in her lower back, Dusty seems to have more problems with her neck.  In either case, the Vet prescribes pain medication and a muscle relaxer, and the dogs seem to be fine after a couple of days. They tell us to keep them quiet, but as soon as the meds kick in, they are back to their old selves, running and jumping, chasing squirrels, etc.
The medications prescribed are tiny pills - actually 1/2 of one pill and 1/4 of the other - and the best way to be sure they take them is to wrap them in cheese. I can go to the refrigerator a dozen times and they'll ignore it, but let me get out a slice of cheese and they are immediately under foot and waiting for a treat.

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