Friday, January 6, 2017

Breaker Breaker

This morning dawned cold and drizzly with the temperature hovering just above freezing.  We had plugged in a small space heater in the living room - not so much to raise the temperature in the house, but rather to have a place to warm up after going outside to smoke.
Honey had a plate of bacon cooking in the microwave, and everything was going just fine until the space heater cycled on.  The microwave stopped, and my computer screen went black. 
I knew at once what had happened, so I changed shoes, put on my coat and went outside to reset the breaker.
Once I got it reset and we got started again, everything was OK, just a minor inconvenience, but it reminded me again how odd some of the circuits in our house are wired.  
The breaker that controls the microwave is not on the circuit with any of the wall plugs in the kitchen, but it does control the one on the front wall of the dining area. It also controls the one across the den where the heater was plugged in, and the lights over the sink in the bathroom off the master bedroom.  
In most houses, circuits are wired in some sort of logical order.  Ours are totally random and make no sense at all.

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