Thursday, November 3, 2016

You Pick A Title

Honey and I went out on our monthly dinner date with our next-door neighbors, the Graffs, last night, and as usual we had a great time - good food, and better company.  Since Honey's birthday is tomorrow, they came with a very pretty birthday cake.
Once we got home and turned the TV on, the final game of the World Series was well under way, and by the time we got ready for bed, the Cubs had blown their lead and it was all tied up. 
I like baseball, and had nothing planned that would force me to get up early this morning, so there was no reason not to sit up and watch the game to its conclusion.  
Did I? 
No I did not!
I have nothing against Chicago or Cleveland, but nothing that ties me to either city or their team, either.  Watching two teams I care nothing about play baseball is a lot like watching tortoises breed - I know it happens, and I suppose the fact that it does is a good thing - but I wouldn't pay to watch them.
And - I'm sure not going to lose sleep over it! 

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