Wednesday, November 9, 2016


The election is finally over, and God help us, the results are finally in.  
It is no secret that I had no love for either candidate, but I considered what I didn't know about Donald Trump less scary than what I did know about Hillary Clinton, so I held my nose and voted for Trump.  
My first indication that I made the right decision came late last night when Clinton sent John Podesta to the Javits Center to tell her supporters to go home.
Those hundreds of people gathered there for what they expected to be a victory celebration were already visibly devastated.  I'm sure Clinton was as well, but her supporters deserved to see her, and to hear her thank them for a well-fought campaign.  The fact that she did not make an appearance shows such a lack of consideration and common decency, such a lack of grace, that I can only thank God that she did not win.

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