Tuesday, November 8, 2016

When Will It Be Over?

Today is election day, 2016, and by tonight we will know who will take over the White House next year, but I'm afraid this election will be one that is never actually over.  The fact that both major candidates are almost universally disliked guarantees that most people will be dissatisfied with the outcome, whatever it might be.
Those little towns in New Hampshire that always vote at midnight - it's their one chance at national attention, and only comes every four years - have already announced that Trump's their guy.  He won 32/25, but in Dixville Notch, the town that first started midnight voting back in 1960, Hillary won by a vote of 4/2.  Two points of interest about Dixville Notch -
  • In past elections they favored both Bush and Dole over Bill Clinton.
  • They normally have between 25 and 30 registered voters, but only 6 votes were cast last night.
Thomas Tillotson, the Dixville Notch Town Clerk says his little hamlet is historically about 70% accurate as a predictor of the national outcome.
Sometime tonight we will be told who won, but the process will not actually be over.  The Electors of the Electoral College must meet in their respective states on December 19, and their results sent to the U S Senate.  Those results do not become official until approved by Congress on January 6, 2017.

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