Friday, November 18, 2016

Doth Protest Too Much

Houston has had its share of protests recently, but now the protestors have something new to protest.  
They - and their lawyers - are claiming that the Houston police have been concentrating on the protest leaders, arresting them too often.
Ringleaders have been busted for everything from jaywalking to punching a police horse.
One of the most publicized cases was the arrest of Sheree Dore, a Black Lives Matter organizer and homeless advocate accused of punching a police horse.
Even as Dore appeared in court Monday — where the judge more than doubled her bail — prosecutors were preparing to file similar charges against another protest leader, Joseph Wade, who often attends Houston protests dressed like Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara.
During a rowdy Nov. 10 anti-Trump protest, Wade was initially arrested and cited for jaywalking, according to court documents.
Three days later, he was charged with felony harassment of a public servant for allegedly spitting on the officer who told him not to jaywalk.
Then on Tuesday, prosecutors filed another felony charge alleging that Wade punched a police horse named Sgt. Curly.  
His attorney thinks it isn't fair.
Well, if the cops are giving special attention to the ringleaders, it seems like a good tactic to me.  Somewhere along the line when the demonstrators should have been learning personal responsibility and that all actions have consequences, they should have heard one of the old sayings about standing out in a crowd - the squeaky wheel, the tallest nail, etc.
Personally, I think the cops have behaved with a lot of restraint.  I don't currently own a horse - haven't since I was a kid - but if someone punched my horse and the horse didn't kick him into next week, I might.

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