Sunday, November 6, 2016

It's About Time

We went back to Standard Time last night, dropping Daylight Saving Time until March 12th of next year.  If you didn't "fall back" before you went to bed, now's your chance.
The change didn't happen without a lot of grumbling, including several published studies claiming that arbitrary time changes are bad for your physical and mental health.  My wife, who has said so for years, was joined by numerous experts who say we could stick to Daylight Saving Time year-round.
Perhaps the most radical approach comes from an article in the New York Times - it advocates doing away with time zones entirely, and putting the whole world on UTC - Coordinated Universal Time.  UTC or "Zulu" time is already in use in Aviation, for example, and the global economy and internet seem to call for a standardized version of telling time.
It would take some getting used to - here in the Central Time Zone (UTC minus six hours) we would seldom be getting up before noon.

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