Monday, November 7, 2016

The Bright Side

The floods that hit the Houston area last spring still have us a few inches over our normal annual rainfall, but we haven't had a any measurable rain in over a month.  
We are back in drought, and our azaleas are not happy.  In spite of running sprinklers, we have some plants that are not likely to recover.
Watching the weather on TV, it seems like they have rain almost every evening in Sugarland, and/or Jersey Village, or even just across Lake Houston in Atascosita. But, do we get any?  No!
As recently as Saturday, rain probabilities for today and tomorrow were 60 and 70%, and a line of thunderstorms passing through Brenham yesterday evening was supposed to hit here about ten o'clock.  The storm fizzled out before it got here, and this morning the rain probability has dropped to 30%.
Oh well, it gives me something to worry about besides politics. 

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