Saturday, November 19, 2016

Can't Un-hear

I've commented several times over the years about unfortunate name choices.  I'm sure that I've mentioned:
  • I had several fights before I got out of second grade brought about by kids who thought it was the height of originality and humor to "sit on the Couch."
  • When my wife financed her first new car, the president of the bank called the dealership and said, "I have a young lady here named Honey Couch, and she is NOT a Stripper."
  • One of the smartest couples I've ever known, Ann and Gus Brooks, named their daughter Crystal.  Innocent enough, but it sounds like the stage name for a porn star.
  • A friend, an Ikon trainer from Atlanta, is named Richard Jirka.  His mother still sees nothing wrong with calling him Dick. 
Several years ago, when I was a technical trainer at Ikon, we had a field service technician named Michael Hunt.  Nobody who was in the office that day will ever forget when the receptionist went on the P. A. system and asked, "Has anybody seen Mike Hunt?"

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