Saturday, November 12, 2016

Thanks and You're Welcome

That's an interior shot of the Ranch Hand Cafe in Tarkington, Texas.  With its mismatched tables and chairs, etc., it may be hard to imagine that the outside looks worse, but it does.  
The place looks like a dump, with several small buildings thrown together with ramps to get up or down to the next floor level.  The parking lot makes you wish you were driving a high-clearance four wheel drive vehicle.
Even if you know how to find Tarkington, you might glance at the place and just keep on driving down highway 321 - but that would be a mistake.  We have been there several times, and the food is always excellent.
We were there last night with our friends the Sheltons, and the waitress asked Travis if he was a veteran.  He told her that he was, and I was too, and jokingly asked if dinner was going to be free.  She said that they had served free lunch and would be doing it again today for all the vets in honor of Veterans Day.
We didn't think any more about it until we were leaving.  We went up to pay, and they told us our dessert was on the house, and thank you for your service.

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