Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Something In My Ear

About a dozen years ago or so, I was still teaching Ikon technicians how to service office equipment, when my hearing got to the point that I had difficulty hearing my students' replies.  I didn't want to, but I broke down and bought hearing aids.
They worked fine, but they were uncomfortable, and I never got used to having something stuck in my ear canal.  If I lasted that long, I usually removed them shortly after I got home.  Once I retired, I quit wearing them almost entirely.
That told Honey that whatever she had to say was less important to me than what the guys said in class.  I never felt that way, but the evidence sure seemed to say so.  It caused friction, to say the least.
The Miracle Ear folks used to call me to come in and have my hearing aids serviced, but the last time they called, Honey told them, "I can't even get him to wear the damn things.  You might as well stop calling."
Yesterday, out of the blue, I amazed Honey (and myself) by visiting my nearest dealer and having my hearing aids cleaned and adjusted.  They did a full hearing exam - the hearing in  my right ear had continued to decline - and adjusted the devices for optimum hearing.  They replaced the batteries and the tubes that go from the aid into my ear, and they did it all for free.  
Hearing aids aren't cheap, and they are not covered by Medicare or most insurance, but Miracle Ear does offer lifetime maintenance as part of the price.
Anyway, I'm starting all over again - trying to get used to something in my ear canal - so far, so good. But... wish me luck.

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  1. I got Audibels and have enjoyed being able to hear again.