Friday, July 7, 2017

Claw Hammer

I mentioned yesterday that we didn't bring anything back from Coushatta Casino that we didn't bring with us when we arrived.  That wasn't entirely true.  I did leave with a hammer.

It was an Estwing claw hammer like this one, about 23 bucks at Lowes or Sears.  It wasn't quite this clean, but almost, and it showed little or no wear.
I was sitting outside the camper enjoying my first cigarette and first cup of coffee of the day when the Coushatta employee came around picking up garbage.  He found the hammer in the garbage bin, and asked if it was mine.  I said "No, but I'll take it if you don't want it." and he handed it to me.
Later, I was showing it to Honey, and speculating on why someone would throw a perfectly good hammer away.  She said, "Maybe it's a murder weapon." 
It doesn't have any bloodstains, but just in case she is right, here's my note to the Kinder, Louisiana police:
If you have a recent bludgeoning victim, and are looking for the weapon, I may have transported it across the State line to Texas.

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