Sunday, July 9, 2017


Honey and I have always shared household chores.  She worked and I worked; it just seemed fair.
A couple days ago, I had accumulated enough dirty clothes for a load, so I threw them in the washer.  After the washer stopped, I put them in the drier as usual.
That's when things got LOUD.  
Every time the drier compartment would rotate, we'd hear a loud bang.
I opened the door, and pulled everything out of the drier, expecting to find something that was causing the noise.  I knew it was too loud to be loose change, but I knew there had to be something.  I actually checked twice and didn't find a thing.
I went to my bedroom and realized that my pocket knife was not on the dresser.  Aha! I thought, I left it in my jeans.
One more search through the drier, and I found my pocket knife in the right front pocket of a pair of jeans, and in the left front pocket were my car keys!
I knew the key's electronics had to be ruined, but I pushed the panic button and the truck's horn started honking out in the garage.  I'm not sure how, but my keys are definitely cleaner and, apparently, no worse for wear.

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