Monday, July 17, 2017

Shared Pages

Well, no I don't - but I can't help wondering why couples choose to have shared profiles.  It is not like they have to double up to save on the cost of two separate Facebook pages. 
And- it's remarkably common - I can think of at least five of my own Facebook "Friends" who are actually couples.  
Normally, it isn't a problem, but just in the past week three of them had birthdays.  The little reminder  on my Facebook page told me something like "It's Fred and Ethel's birthday today."
Whose birthday? 
 I can hardly remember my own birthday. Do they just assume that everybody on Facebook will know and remember which one of them was born on this date?
What is the proper etiquette?  
Do I just post "Happy Birthday" and hope the right one gets the message?

I know there are a lot of more serious issues in the world - like why in the Hell did that woman in England put 27 contact lenses in her eye - but this one has me in a quandary today.

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