Monday, May 22, 2017

Well, Hail

We have had rain in the forecast for several days now, but practically none here at the old Boggy Thicket - just a couple of brief sprinkles that didn't even get the grass damp.
Today, at 7 a.m. Honey set out on her morning walk.  By 7:10, I was hearing thunder and went to get the truck keys so I would be ready to go get her.  
I hadn't heard from her by 7:15 and it was pouring, so I called her cell as I headed out the door.  Then I saw a car pulling out of our driveway, and Honey came out of the garage headed for the house.
A neighbor had stopped and gave her a ride home.
Honey said she tried to tell her she was already too wet to get in her car, but the good Samaritan told her that it was hailing just down the block and the hailstones were big.

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