Saturday, May 13, 2017

My Magoo Moment

For a little over a year now, I have been singing the praises of the dishwasher detergent I found at a company called Worldwide Janitor.  It really is as good as I've said.  It does a remarkable job.
When it came time to reorder a couple months ago, I went to their website and clicked on what I  thought was the same stuff.  
When I  started using it about two weeks ago, I noticed that it had a mild lemon scent that the first bucket didn't have, but didn't think much about it. Then Honey noticed that our glasses were starting to look cloudy again.
I went out and took a closer look at the bucket.  It was the same 25 lb. blue bucket, from the same chemical company in South Louisiana, but instead of dish washing detergent, it said it was commercial-grade laundry detergent!
Maybe it won't be a total loss, the label says it is not only good for laundry, but is recommended for washing trucks and trailers.
I went back to their website and tried it again, and a bucket of the right stuff is on the way.  Meanwhile, we'll make do with Cascade.

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