Tuesday, May 9, 2017

More About Mortality

A report out this morning in the Journal of the American Medical Association says where you live has a lot to do with how long you stick around. At 85 years, residents of Summit County, Colorado are expected to live 18 years longer than folks from Oglala Lakota country on the South Dakota/Nebraska border.  Other than some obvious correlations between poverty and life expectancy, the report draws no particular conclusions.
The article did include an interactive MAP you can use to check your own area.  
We live in the northeast corner of Harris County, Texas, where our life expectancy of 78 3/4 years is just a couple months under the national average of 79.08.  Our odds are a little better than our Montgomery County neighbors 78 1/2, and significantly longer than our Liberty County brethren who come in at just over 74. 
The report says nothing at all about quality of life.  How you choose to live your life is at least as important as where.  Some places may let you live longer, and some may just feel that way.

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