Wednesday, May 24, 2017

ISIS vs Afsah

I've often wondered what purpose is behind terror attacks like the one at the Manchester concert.  
Aside from acknowledging that Evil (with a capital E) exists, what does ISIS expect to gain?  
The best explanation I've seen says that they want to foment a full-scale war between Christianity and Islam.  Apparently, this Jihad is a war they expect to win.  
I find myself watching first hand one way that ISIS is winning, and I don't know any way to stop it.
I know a young woman that I'll call Afsah.  That isn't her name, but it fits.  I'm told it means most eloquent, best spoken, and was also the name of one of the wives of the Prophet.
Afsah grew up with my daughter and was one of her best friends.  She happened to be Muslim, but she was also a Texas girl to the bone. She was also one of the best, the kindest, most decent people I have had the privilege to know.  After studying at the University of Texas, where her politics veered slightly to the left, she went on to a career as an award winning journalist.
In the past few years, her writings have become first defensive and then recently more strident.  It was an unfortunate but normal reaction to the sort of verbal attacks on Muslims we see constantly in the news.  She is not about to strap on a suicide vest, or encourage anyone else to do so, but it is plain to see that she is hurting.
I want to tell her that she is stronger than all that.
I need to tell her that she is still the same wonderful person.
I need to assure her that she is loved.

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