Monday, August 1, 2016

Thirty-eight Special

Was minding my own business yesterday afternoon, watching golf on TV, when the doorbell rang.  It was a guy wanting to put sealer on the asphalt on our driveway.  I told him I wasn't interested, but he persisted, offering to do the whole thing for thirty-eight dollars.
Something didn't feel right, but after he repeated the offer several times, and me emphasizing that $38 was the full price, I finally gave the OK.
Once they got started, his brother approached me with their brochure, which clearly stated that the sealer was $38 a Gallon!  
I told them to stop right there.  They could either finish the job for  $38 - and put up their sign like we agreed - or they could take the $38, pack up their stuff and leave.  Either way, I wasn't paying them one cent more than the $38 we had agreed upon.
Things got very tense.  
The brother threatened to go get their uncle's bulldozer and tear up my driveway to recover his materials.  I assured him that wasn't going to happen, so he then threatened to have a lien placed on our property.  At that point,  Honey said she was calling 9-1-1.  
The guy who had come to the door then said it was all a misunderstanding and that they would leave.  I offered them the $38 again, but the brother said they didn't want my damn money, and started loading up their truck.
I didn't check my blood pressure, but it took over an hour for my heartbeat and respiration to return to normal after they left.

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