Saturday, August 20, 2016


One of the biggest stories to come out of the Rio Olympics is the bizarre report of Ryan Lochte being "robbed at gunpoint" and the subsequent stories that seem to prove that the "robber" was an armed security guard protecting a gas station.
Everyone and his brother (myself included) has been quick to condemn Lochte's behavior - wondering what the Hell he was thinking.
Then, I remembered being in a similar situation - one that involved youthful exuberance, excess alcohol, a language barrier, and a large pistol.  
In my case, the confrontation occurred in Piedras Negras when I was sixteen, and the guy with the gun was the bouncer at a border town bar.  I won't go into details here, other than to say that there was no vandalism involved, and I didn't intentionally do anything wrong, but the situation got very tense for a while.
My drunken companions thought the whole thing was hilarious.

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