Sunday, August 21, 2016

Rhythmic Gymnastics

After too many days of Olympics on TV, Honey and I watched the all-around finals of Rhythmic Gymnastics yesterday.  
That's the event where scantily clad young women cavort with hoops, ropes, balls and ribbons to music which may or may not match what they are doing.  It is known as Rhythmic Gymnastics, as opposed to Artistic Gymnastics which are the events where the US team dominated in prime time.
In case you missed it, Russian girls took Gold and Silver and the Bronze Medal went to a girl from Ukraine.  That Bronze was particularly impressive because Russia and Ukraine are at war, and the gym where Ganna Rizatdinova trained was often without heat, forcing her to practice in a diver's wet suit.
The picture above is the US team, which finished dead last in  the first day of qualification which put them out of medal contention.  That is not as bad as it sounds - they were the first US team to ever qualify for the Olympics.  The only other American team to appear was at the Atlanta games where they received an automatic entry as the host country.

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