Friday, February 26, 2016

Phantom Calls

Honey was working back in the office, and her cell phone was on the charger in the kitchen – about as far away as it could get and still be in the house.  I heard it ringing, but by the time I got to it, the caller disconnected.

When I told Honey about it, she checked the missed calls – not a number we recognized – then used the call-back feature to see who had called.  The woman who answered said that she was returning a call from Honey’s phone, a call that had never been placed.

Okay, that was weird, but we wouldn’t have thought much of it until it happened again that afternoon. 

This time, the woman who answered said that she had not called Honey’s phone. Then she said, “Wait, do you have ATT?”  When Honey said that she did, the woman told her that she had received a similar call from some man she didn’t know the day before and she thought the phone company was having a problem with phantom calls.

A check of the ATT user forum shows this had been a problem in the past, but the most recent entry was over two years ago.

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