Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hydraulics Part Two

The new hydraulic cylinder for the slide on my 5th wheel arrived as promised on Monday, and I'm going to start installing it today.  
I held off because the weather has been too cool and windy until today, but we are expected to have several days of temps in the 70s beginning this afternoon.
It isn't just a matter of sticking the new cylinder in - that's the easy part.  To get the old one out, I had to drop the spare tire, remove the spare tire holder, and then cut and drop the Coreplast liner.  
When I dropped the liner I got soaked by a quart or more of spilled transmission fluid.  I was tempted to say a gallon, but even a quart of spilled liquid goes a long way.  It was enough to ruin my shirt, and even after a long shower, I still smelled like transmission fluid.  The liner has had plenty of time to drain and dry, but it's still stained.  I haven't decided whether to try to clean it any more, or what I should use if I do, before I reinstall it.

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