Thursday, February 18, 2016

Let There Be Light(s)

I took a first halting step into the 21st century yesterday – sort of dipped my toe in – and I’m not sure I like how it feels.

We have a four-bulb wall sconce above the sink in the master bathroom.  It takes 60 watt bulbs, and it takes them often.  I would be replacing about one a week except that I usually wait until two or more go out. Even as incandescent bulbs get harder and harder to find, I resisted using those squiggly fluorescent bulbs – they just look stupid in a tulip shade.

Yesterday, Walmart had two-packs of the new LED replacement bulbs on sale.

 LED bulb

I bought some and replaced the bulbs over the sink.  They are certainly bright enough, they actually seem brighter that the incandescents, but they are definitely going to take some getting used to.

I learned when updating the lights in our 5th wheel that you have to be very careful when selecting LEDs, because typical LED bulbs give off a bluish glow that can be quite off-putting.  For that reason, I skipped the soft white bulbs, and selected the ones labeled Daylight.  They may resemble daylight on the top of a snow-covered mountain somewhere, but daylight here in southeast Texas has never looked like this, even on the brightest day.

The old incandescent bulbs gave a warm glow that was relaxing.  These new ones have a sinister, almost clinical brilliance.  They almost make me expect to be involved in some sort of invasive surgical procedure.

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