Friday, February 19, 2016



After a lot of thought about various alternatives, I bought a new lawn mower yesterday.  It was the most expensive one on the floor at my local WalMart, but it cost a whole lot less than some of the ones I had been considering.  It has a 46-inch cut, and is powered by a two-cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine.

Most of my neighbors have gone to zero-turn radius mowers.  I have used the Graff’s mower on our yard and was sorely tempted to get one for ours. 

They are much more expensive – at least a thousand dollars more for a comparable cut – but the main reason I didn’t get one is fallen limbs.  I regularly pull a trailer behind our mower, picking up fallen branches to haul to the burning pile,  It might be possible to put a trailer hitch on a zero-turn mower but it isn’t recommended.

I haven’t tried it out yet – there is a bit of final assembly to do first – but I should give it it’s first real test later today.

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