Saturday, February 4, 2017

Happy Wrist

I finally got my wristwatch back yesterday.  The repair facility had warned that it might take as much as four weeks to get it back to me, but in my case - due to time off for Christmas, and difficulty getting spare parts shipped during the holidays - it was more like six.
Even considering how long it's been without it, my wrist feels right now that the watch is back.
They were thorough, after the watch was repaired they ran it through a series of tests - including assuring that it was waterproof to a couple of atmospheres.  The printout of test results were included with the watch.
What was most amazing was that the watch was running and showed the correct time when I removed it from the box they mailed it in.  I'd guess that was to be expected, but what impressed me was that, although the repair facility is in the Atlanta area, my watch was set to Central Time!

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