Thursday, February 2, 2017

An "IDEAL" Solution

We have been having some minor problems with our cell phones lately.  Nothing too serious, but the battery in Honey's phone required recharging in less than 24 hours.  
We had been notified by AT&T that we were eligible for free upgrades, so yesterday we stopped in at their phone store in Kingwood to see what was available.  They were busy, and it took so long to actually get served that we almost left.  I'm glad we stayed.
They fixed us up with Alcatel IDEAL 4060 phones - Android type smart phones with a huge array of whistles and bells, including lots of stuff we may never use.  You may remember that our previous phones were just that - phones.  Honey did text occasionally, but I never did.
These phones aren't exactly in the same category as I-Phone 7s, but they were almost free.  In addition, the AT&T rep changed our plan to include a lot more data for no additional charge, and he was able to get our DirecTV bill reduced by about $25 a month!

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