Saturday, September 24, 2016

Out On A Limb

Hard as it is to believe, that huge limb that fell on our house yesterday caused no visible damage except for one broken shingle.
I got up on the roof, and cut off all the branches, then hooked the main limb to the tractor and pulled it down.  
Cutting those branches up, and hauling them to the burning pile was all I could get done in one day.  I still have to cut the main limb into pieces small enough to pick up and haul, and I need to get back on the roof with the leaf blower and clear it of all the leaves and twigs.
Honey has given me strict orders not to get on the roof in her absence, and she is still out doing her morning walk.  I could get out the chain saw and cut up the limb, but I'm using her concern as an excuse not to do anything. 
What I did yesterday already has me so stiff and sore I can hardly move.  Old age ain't for sissies.

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