Thursday, September 15, 2016


As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Honey and I went to our local Walgreen's pharmacy yesterday to get the Prevnar 13 pneumonia shots.  
We decided to double up, and also got this year's Flu vaccine while we were at it. One shot is for a bacterial infection and the other for a virus, and we were assured that it was perfectly safe and effective to get both at once.  
I elected to get both shots in my left arm, while Honey had one in each arm.  I'm not sure which is worse - we both had achy shoulders and stiff necks yesterday afternoon and evening, but are both pretty much over it today.  
Like the picture above, the gloves the nurse wore to give our injections were way too big for her hands - sort of reminded me of the first time I tried to wear my dad's welding gloves.  I asked her if Walgreen's didn't have gloves that would fit, and she told me that there were gloves on the shelves in the store that would, but she would have to buy them.  The gloves Walgreen's provides in the station were generic, and were actually labeled "One Size Fits Most."  She obviously belonged to the minority.

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