Saturday, September 10, 2016

Dusk and Dawn

I had a strange dream last night, and woke up with this poem almost completely composed....

 Dusk and Dawn

In the school cafeteria early this week
I saw a sight that caused me to shriek
Two lovely young girls, from the second grade bunch
Sat down together and were sharing their lunch

They looked so alike that they might have been twins
So it’s no surprise that they’d want to be friends
But one was named Dusk, the other named Dawn
If they ever should touch, the Earth would be gone

I grabbed Night and told him “Soon as you’re able
Move one of them to the far side of the table.”
They did what he told them, they’re timid and shy
But I thought for a moment that I saw Dawn cry

The week brought earthquakes and hurricanes
Famine and floods from torrential rains
Experts on television pinned the blame
On fracking, or warming, or more of the same

But, I know the cause, and I tell you brother
It was just Dusk and Dawn reaching out for each other

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