Sunday, September 18, 2016

Not Available In Stores

No post yesterday as I was getting ready to make our annual trip to Liberty Hill for our grandsons' birthday party.  
I'd rate the trip and the party as an overall success.  
Nash, who just turned 16, had a dozen or so boys and almost that many girls over for a pool party.  They had a huge inflatable water slide set up to empty the sliders into the pool, and seemed to be having a grand time.
Bryce, our 19 year old, couldn't participate because he is still recuperating from his recent wreck - he has a vacuum pump attached to the wound on his forearm - but his girlfriend seems to have devoted her life to his care.  She never left his side except to fetch him something to eat or drink.  I really couldn't feel very sorry for him. 
We also got our first look at my son-in-law's new truck.  It's a big black 3/4 ton Chevy 4X4 with more whistles and bells in the cockpit than the Starship Enterprise. Gene had been driving a hand-me-down - one of our old trucks, a Dodge half ton with over 350,000 miles on it.  It's nice to see him driving something shiny and new.
Oh - the title of today's post.  
Yes I chose it for a reason.
It is almost exactly 200 miles from our house to Liberty Hill, and the approximate half-way point is Brenham, the home of Blue Bell Ice Cream. Just west of the 290/36 split, there is an Exxon station that contains Scoops, a great little ice cream parlor.  They traditionally have a huge array of Blue Bell flavors, including the seasonal flavors not currently in stores.  I took a chance and found that they did have Honey's all-time favorite flavor, Mocha Almond Fudge in stock.  We didn't buy them out, but we both got a huge double-dip cone.

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