Friday, July 1, 2016

Getting Started

We have a couple of spots in our yard that are just an inch or two lower than the surrounding area.  These areas tend to hold water, and stay too wet to mow for a week or more after a heavy rain, so I got a two 14 yard loads of dirt delivered last week.  
Then I borrowed our neighbor, Shane Simpson's tractor - a small Mahindra with a front loader - and was able to spread those two loads (including moving about a third of one load to the other side of the house) in less than two hours.  That's a great little tractor - I was really impressed.
The idea was to get the dirt placed about where I wanted it, then do the fine spreading and smoothing with my tractor, but my old Ford had other ideas.  
First it stalled. 
I suspect clogged fuel filters, but can't say for sure, because once it died, I couldn't get it started again.  The starter motor turns, but it doesn't engage the flywheel.  
Even on an old tractor, the odds of two totally unrelated failures occurring at once have to be phenomenal, but I guess I'm just lucky that way.
I've removed the starter, and the problem appears to be the starter Bendix, or what is now called the starter drive.  It looks something like this:
A rebuilt starter costs about $170, but I've found the replacement drive at www.yesterdaystractors for less than $20. Guess which one I'm going to buy.

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