Thursday, June 30, 2016

Telling Simmons What I Think

A few months ago, I received a survey in the mail.  
It came from  the Simmons National Consumer Survey folks, and it came with a five dollar bill inside the envelope.  I took their survey, mailed it in and they sent me an additional payment for my trouble.
At some point, they asked if I would be willing to participate in other surveys, and I must have checked the Yes box, because we got Three additional surveys in the mail - one for me, one for the household, and one for Honey.  Honey and I each got $15 up front with the promise of an additional $40 when the completed surveys were received.
That may sound like a good deal, but that $55 comes out to less than $10 an hour if you actually try to conscientiously answer all their questions.  
Honey threatened my life if I ever offer to participate again.
The surveys were in the mail box, ready to go back to Simmons yesterday, when I mentioned a question about no fat sour cream.  Honey was sure that she had not had that question, and agonized over the possibility that she had skipped a page.  
I was of the opinion that she should forget it, but she could not.  She retrieved her survey from the mail box and we confirmed that the huge survey she had completed did not include that question.  It was apparently in the smaller Household survey that was only addressed to me.
All the surveys are now back in the mail box, and we are officially and permanently out of the survey taking business. 

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