Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I got up early yesterday, and while Honey took her morning walk, I mowed the yard.  By the time she returned, I had completed everything you can see from the street.  The only part I hadn't mowed was a bit outside the fence in the back yard.
That's the good news.
The bad news is that, even though I wear a lumbar support belt when I mow, I managed to screw up my lower back.  
I didn't realize I had until later in the afternoon when I took the dogs for their annual visit to the vet. I could barely lift their carrier out of the truck, and I had difficulty standing totally erect.  I was walking around like an old man.
The vet declared the dogs to be in good shape for their age, and we made it home without incident.  
A few gyrations on the floor and I was able to get my back to pop. It felt much better, but I moved very carefully all evening.  A few ibuprofen at bedtime, and I'm in good shape this morning - only a tiny bit of residual ache.
That sets the stage for the dilemma.  
That last patch of grass needs mowing, but I'm not ready to do it today.  I'm not sure whether I'm displaying common sense, excess caution or laziness, but the yard is going to have to wait. 

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