Friday, July 15, 2016

Persistance Pays Off

I'm sure I mentioned before that Honey asked for a card table last Christmas.  The purpose was to have a surface for putting together jigsaw puzzles, and it has brought her hours of frustration and a lot of joy.  Her first attempt was a 1000 piece puzzle, and she has put together several 500 piece puzzles since then.
Back in April, she asked me to get her a new puzzle while I was at the store.  I figured if 1000 pieces was good, 2000 ought to be great, right?  Maybe not so much - first off, I had to cut a piece of plywood for her to work on - the darn thing was bigger than the top of the card table.  
She also explained to me several times that the relationship of the number of pieces to overall difficulty is more exponential than linear.  I have promised to never buy another 2000 piece puzzle again.
This week, her months of effort paid off - the puzzle is finally complete!  It actually took her a little over two months to complete since we were gone for the entire month of May.  She was cussing it when we left but missing it while we were on the road.
You can see two gaps where pieces are missing.  We know our dachshund, Tinker, ate the one on the left, and suspect that she got them both.  Tink has always eaten paper - paper towels, maps, invoices, etc.  Apparently puzzle pieces are a special treat, and in spite of dire threats, she figures any that happen to hit the floor are fair game.

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