Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Just Checking

One of our first acts after getting a travel trailer was to join the Good Sam Club, an organization that offers, among other things, discounts at RV parks across the country.  They also offer a program called Good Sam Roadside Assistance, which provides help when you encounter mechanical problems on the road.  
We have been GSRA members for nine years, and the program has paid for itself more years than not. In those years when we haven't used the service, the peace of mind has been worth the expense.
I was doing some on-line banking this past weekend, and saw an unauthorized one dollar charge from Good Sam on my debit card.  The last time I saw a similar charge, the billing company had been hacked.  The bank contacted me that time, and issued a new debit card with a different number.  This time, a call to the bank showed this as a valid charge, and the lady on the phone advised me to contact Good Sam.
I did, and I got a logical, if somewhat odd, explanation - Our Good Sam Roadside Assistance is set up for automatic renewal and will expire the end of June.  The Good Sam representative explained that before they bill for renewal they send a bill for a dollar to make sure the card listed on the account is still in effect.
I suppose that makes sense.  It does give them time to contact the customer and update billing procedures before coverage expires, but I can't think of any other company that handles things this way.

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